The Island Girl and Her New City

On August 10th, 2017 I have a one-way flight to New York City.

Yes, you read that right. One way!


Backstory, I’ve always been a dream/wish/semi-plan of mine to make my life in New York and work on Broadway. For a lot of you reading right now, it’s probably no surprise. Theater, and everything about it,  has been a huge part of my life for a very long time. Although I’ve since graduated from wanting to be on Broadway–well, who knows what could happen lmao–  I’ve still kept the desire to work on Broadway. I’ve been to New York 3 times, a not-so-grand total of 27 days over the course of 8 years. Each time I’d visit, the need to stay would grow more and more urgent.  I’d never be too sure though, and at 14 and 17 years old (my first and second trips), how could I be?  Finally, in September of last year, I found my 21 year old self back in New York City– familiar yet daunting, inviting yet unwelcoming, comfortable yet scary as shit. Then, I finally was sure it had to be home.

In April, I started the application processes. I scraped together a resume, banged out cover letters left and right, filled out forms, and asked for recommendation letters– I sent them out to just about any theater house and production company I came across. It was hard dealing with the non-replies or straight up no’s, but such is life. I sent an application to a well-known (the only one I knew, anyway) casting company on Broadway. It was a long shot because I knew how big-time it was, but I sent it anyway.

The universe worked it out.

So fast forward to present-ish time. On July 12th, I woke up to an email saying that I had been accepted to an internship program at Telsey + Company, a Broadway casting company.  If you’ve been lurking around the Broadway circuit like I’ve been for years, you’d know how absolutely crazy that is. When I got the acceptance email, I lost my mind. Understandably so. I had to re-read that thing about 8 times because I literally could not believe it. After all, I had only applied and been interviewed (go skype!) the weekend before, it was fast. After the email, the countdown began to get my ass over to NY by August.

It’s August 3rd now. My flight is booked, apartment is signed, and now it’s just one week until I go.

I’m so so excited for this, it’s unreal. I’m lucky and grateful to have parents that fully support me (wow speech??) and this opportunity is one I will not ever take for granted.

I have about a week left in Manila, most of my time will be spent packing my things, and just generally getting things in order.

So that’s about it. 




PS. I’ll definitely be updating this blog with my NY shenanigans, if time permits, so keep on reading!

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