Where the Fresh Hell is Jamie? Amanpulo β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄

I know I just did one of these a couple weeks ago, but I’m back with another “Where the Fresh Hell?”!

This time, you can find me in literal paradise– Amanpulo.

I just came back from one of the most beautiful places on planet earth, no lie. The best part is it’s right in our own backyard, just an hour’s flight from the city to Pamalican Island, Palawan.

Palawan has been consistently voted one of the best islands in the world on many various lists, and its easy to see why. From the fine white sand to the clear water and colorful marine life, it’s any beach lover’s dream.

I’d been to Palawan twice before– Coron and El Nido– both absolutely stunning trips. Amanpulo, however, is on a completely different level. It’s no wonder why its often frequented by many Hollywood celebrities and even royalty. Not gonna lie, this place is bougie as hell– and i’m so grateful that my parents brought me along on this trip– but everything about the island from the beach, the activities, the rooms, the food, and the service was so beyond worth it.

One of the best things about Amanpulo, and perhaps what you’re really paying for, is the exclusivity and privacy. As soon as you arrive, you’re fetched by your “guest assistant” or personal butler who gives you a tour of the island on your very own club car. I got off the plane, hopped into a club car, took a beautiful drive, and when I got to my casita, my bags were already there waiting along with a personal welcome letter and a gorgeous plate of fresh fruit. There are about 50 (?) casitas on the island, but you’d never know it. The best thing about this place is that it feels like your own private island; it’s never crowded, it’s never loud, and many times you’ll be the only one in the water.


First of all, the beach was absolutely pristine; no rocks or trash or kelp in the water. It was so clear for a huge stretch of shore and so blue for miles on end. It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We also got massages at their beautiful hilltop spa, which although I’m not a huge fan of the whole spa thing, I wanted to take full advantage of the luxury of relaxation.

Our casita was right along the white sand beach, with a private pathway leading to your beach front. It was like a perfect little private beach house, with stunning interiors and the best views.


Also, the food. I literally don’t have any photos of my meals because I ate them up so quickly! Amanpulo has some of the best resort food I’ve ever had. From organic chicken salads, tomahawk steaks, vibrant fruits and vegetables, handmade pastas, and tons of fresh seafood– everything I had was delicious.



Some more amazing views and the most beautiful breakfast! I went snorkeling for the first time in ages and even though fish freak me out, it was worth it because I FINALLY saw a wild sea turtle! We hung out. Β This was definitely a highlight of the trip. Sadly, I was only able to spend three days on Amanpulo. Coming back to Manila was definitely not a pretty sight, but I suppose it’s more reason to go back!


So that about sums up my weekend in paradise, it was short but absolutely breathtaking. I will definitely (hopefully) be back soon!

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