Where the Fresh Hell is Jamie? The Seoul Cycle

This week, I take you on a virtual tour of Seoul, South Korea. Also, I will not be using the dreadful hashtag #SeoulSearching, so you’re welcome for that. Two weeks ago, I went to Korea for a mid-month vacation, if there is such a thing. It was my first time there, and I’d been hearing so many amazing things about Seoul, especially for shopping. You know I went hard on that Korean skincare and makeup life.

First of all, I have to say: Korea has amazing taste.

I stayed in Myeongdong, which apparently is the mecca for Korean beauty. When I first walked through the street, just rows upon rows of cosmetic shops, I was actually too overwhelmed to buy anything.

I was literally incapacitated by makeup, it was dreamy.

I did most of my shopping here. Still debating on whether or not I should do a Korean beauty haul, simply because it’d be very very many things to go through. Some of my favorite brands to shop at were Nature Republic, Innisfree, Etude House, and The Face Shop. Although I may not do a haul, I will be definitely doing a full face of K-beauty on my makeup instagram. So follow me on there if you want to see that!

photo by Ciary Manhit

Also, this street is crowded with street food vendors and wow, nobody is lying when they say that Korean street food is some of the best out there. They have carts of Korean fried chicken, roasted lobster, baked cheese (!!), egg bread, fresh fruits, and more.



Korea also has such a stylish and particular fashion aesthetic. Every clothing store that I went to had such trendy pieces and the color schemes were all on point. Muted neutrals, light pinks, and dark greens (which i cant get enough of) mixed in with crazy graphics and designs; there was something for every kind of taste.





I was so content with spending an afternoon just walking around different areas and stores. I was able to go around Myeongdong (makeup and skincare), Hongdae (a mixture of stylish boutiques, cheap clothes, and great food), Ewha Women’s University (go here for some cheap ass clothes), and Gangnam (if you wanna be bougie). Special shoutout to my friends Ciary and Ariel who insisted I go to Ewha for the shopping–it blew my mind. Each and every store is so unique and so well designed and curated, they feel more like art exhibits or museums.


I also went on a day of sightseeing in Seoul. The city is so rich with culture, and there really is so much to see when you need a break from shopping. Some of my favorite places were the Gyeongbukgong Palacea grand palace in the middle of metropolitan Seoul and the Bukchon Hanok Village which is a bunch of amazing traditional Korean houses on this glorious hill.

Everywhere in Seoul is so picturesque with so many different colors, textures, and moods– you never get bored just looking.



Overall, I loved Korea! Ten out of ten– would go back…again and again and again! I went in June so it was pretty (very) sunny and quite warm. So I would definitely go back in the cooler months. The food is amazing, the people are super stylish, the shopping is a dream, and the culture is rich and you can’t really go wrong with all that!



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