Summer Shenanigans ☀️

As soon as summer rolled in, I knew I had to take advantage of the season. A few weeks ago I had a sort of impromptu photoshoot in my cousin’s backyard with her and her friends. I say “sort of impromptu” because we had planned to do a shoot that day of a completely different nature (something about disney princesses and whatnot) , and as things are oft to do, the shoot ended up going in a completely different direction.

My cousin Rocio, a prodigious content creator in her own right, invited two of her friends over for the shoot. I did their makeup, they styled themselves, and we jumped right into it. The girls requested for a “no makeup” look, which is perfect for the summer weather.

For the record, I am not a photographer. I repeat: not. a. photographer. Unless selfies count. No? Okay. I tried my hand at being behind the camera for once, literally only because I had to. It was pretty fun, I might dabble more into it if the opportunities present itself. I digress, back to the shoot.

Our theme soon evolved into an all out Summer Shoot and here’s what happened with Rocio, Sofia, and Maia.

Rocio | I went with a gypsy vibe makeup look, with my favorite eye color combo: gold and purple from the Zoeva Love is a Story Eye Palette. You’ll see this color combination crop up a lot in my makeup, I call them sunset eyes. The gold melts beautifully into the purple, and compliments brown eyes so well. I went with a coral lip that I mixed from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette. 



Sofia | For this no makeup look, I used a warm gold shadow for a stained lid. This is one of my favorite techniques, and it’s so quick and simple to do but the results are great. Bronzer (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil) around the perimeter of the face, highlight (Wet and Wild Boozy Brunch) on the cheekbones, and a custom lip color with the ABH Lip Palette.


Maia | I kept it even lighter for Maia’s look, just concealer, bronzer, and eyeshadow. I used a copper shadow for her stained lid to match her skin tone. Too Faced Bronzer to lightly contour (yes, that shadow is from her actual cheekbone. bless). Lip color from The Balm (Maia’s own).


Top tip: For the perfect stained lid effect, find a shimmer shade that blends/melts in with your skin tone.


Thanks for shooting with me, girls 🌸

If you’re a photographer/model interested in a photoshoot/project collaboration, contact me at, and to see more of my photos follow me on instagram!



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