How to Glow like an Island Girl ☀️

Summer is finally here which means beach trips, daytime naps, hell temperatures, and taking a shot each time you see a beach photo captioned with a Moana lyric!

Before we all jet off to wherever we’re going, let’s talk about SKIN and that Summer Glow. Temperatures are rising and the sun is out and beating down like a mother. Seasonal changes bring about changes in your skin as well.

I personally love the summer season, and I want to make sure I take extra care of my skin when it comes around but I also want to be a Tan Golden Goddess. How do I balance that? Here are some helpful skincare tips  to protect your skin and some makeup tricks to maximize and highlight that summer tan 😉

See what these products and techniques look like in the photos at the end of the post! 

1. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 

I cannot stress enough how important SPF is, especially during summer. I know that since our climate gets really humid sometimes, wearing sunblock can feel gross and heavy.

I use Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen, it’s perfect for the Philippine weather since its really light but does the job splendidly. I use a small dab of this all over my face and whichever part of my body that’s exposed that day.

All I need in this life of sun.

Get it here for P525!

If you want to double up with some coverage, there are tons of makeup bases (BB creams, tinted moisturizers, etc.) that contain SPF.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, this is a tried and tested product which has been around since 1998! It’s light and creamy, with a good amount of coverage that will protect your skin from harmful rays.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

BeautyMNL has it on sale! Don’t miss out.

You can also try the Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB Cream with SPF 15, for a more affordable alternative. This is my all time favorite BB cream. I use the one for oily skin, it has Salysilic Acid which is good for combatting acne or blemishes. This product is really reliable and will give you a covered but natural finish.

I use the middle shade in Medium.

TOP TIP: For a more glowy look and moisturizing feel, I mix these products with MAC’s Strobe Cream.


The sun can dry out your skin so much, so it’s important to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

Speaking of MAC’s Strobe Cream, I personally love using a moisturizer with a little sheen. MAC Strobe Cream is really light with the faintest bit of shimmer and glow.  I use this alone or under/mixed in with makeup.  If you have a tan, you’ll glow up like crazy! If you don’t, it’ll catch the sunlight and give you that island girl glow up. Since it’s very light, it’s perfect for the summer.

I love this so much, I have two tubes.

If you’re looking for some extra, heavier duty hydration, look no further than First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream, it absorbs really quickly and feels like nothing on your skin, but its crazy hydrating! This is my go-to moisturizer, which I already wrote about in my favorites post.



For those of you who can’t get to the beach this summer for that perfect tan, I got you covered. These bronzer techniques make me extra summery bronze and it’ll fool anyone into thinking you spent a weekend on the beach.

In addition to the usual places to apply bronzer (see: hollows of cheeks, temples, jawline), I like dusting bronzer across the bridge of my nose, on my eyelids, and above my eyebrows. This gives the illusion that you are tanner than you actually are, and it all looks really natural and gives your face extra dimension. This is how I achieved my Blue Lagoon inspired makeup look below.

For these techniques, I prefer to use a warm toned bronzer (more red tones then gray tones). The NYC Sunny Bronzer is perfect for this. It’s a terracotta-like color, and its has perfect pigmentation so it won’t overwhelm the tones of your face. The best part? This bronzer is cheap as hell!

Terracotta tones make it perfect for an all over bronze!


Onto my favorite part! Highlighter will take your glow to the next level. During the summer, I like to use a cream/liquid highlighter so that it won’t ever cake and it sinks perfectly into your skin. When I’m not tan, I like to use Glossier Haloscope in Quartz.  This is a pretty pale highlighter with a moisturizing center so it won’t ever accentuate any skin texture. This gives the perfect amount of dew and glow, plus it’s really quick and easy to use! 


Another favorite is an oldie but goodie, Benefit Sunbeam. This is a true gold highlighter and it’s so beautiful on more tanned/morena skintones. The gold tone is the perfect in between red tones and yellow tones, so it will take your tan to infinity and beyond. It comes in a nail polish-esque bottle and all you need are three little dots across your cheekbones for that sunkissed glow.


My favorite powder highlighter durng the summer is hands down MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit. This has been around for ages, but I only use it when I want to look a little tanner. Gold Deposit is a very rich gold pigment, with red undertones. I use it over bronzer on my cheekbones and high points of my face for a more chiseled, touched by the sun glow. You can even use it very lightly all over your face for a softer, more celestial look.



My last tip is to snatch that glow from within! Aside from drinking loads of water, stock up on fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. This means lots of fruits and vegetables…. OR if you’re like me and you love chicken nuggets too much, just be on the look out for skincare products that contain Vitamin C and Hyuralonic Acid. These ingredients will glow you up in no time!

I use the Ultra Glow Serum from Hello, Gorgeous! This is locally made, affordable, and very effective. It comes in a cute syringe, and I’ve already used it up because I use this literally every morning. It retails for about P200, if I’m not mistaken, so yes, I’ll take 15 please.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.31.30 AM

I used a lot of these products for my Blue Lagoon Inspired summer look.

Maybelline Dream BB (Mixed with MAC Strobe Cream)

Benefit Sun Beam (cheekbones, tip of nose, cupids bow)

NYC Sunny Bronzer (cheeks, nose, tops of eyebrows)

MAC Gold Deposit (all over, eyelids and inner corners)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading, cheers to the summer and here’s to getting your glow on!



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