Being Belle and What She Taught Me

I’m not a die hard fan of Beauty and The Beast, to be completely honest. I knew the story and I knew the songs, and that’s pretty much it.

There was just so. much. hype. for the remake that just came out that I knew I had to see what was up. My timelines and newsfeeds were split down the middle. Those who were aghast at Emma Watson and her lackluster performance and T-Painesque singing. Then there were those who absolutely loved the movie no matter what. If it were a left to right spectrum of the two attitudes, I’d fall a good distance right of center.

I quite liked the movie. It was enjoyable, entertaining, beautiful, touching, and taught me that true beauty is found on the inside.

Yeah, okay. 

Not the point though.

My point is that Emma Watson as Belle was just really fucking pretty. We all know that I die for that no-makeup makeup, and Emma Watson’s makeup artist Charlotte Hayward nailed it.  Watching the movie, I started making mental notes of her makeup so that I could recreate it (try to at least) when I got home.

So here it is:

When recreating the look, there were several things I needed to achieve.

  1. Flawless but natural skin (We get it, Belle, your skin is unmarred by that poor provincial life you’re always whining about.)
  2. Freckles. Focused on the center of the face, across the bridge of the nose. (I’ll post a step by step on how I do faux freckles soon!)
  3. Just a touch of eyeshadow. Lashes though. Eliminate the bottom eyebrow arch.
  4. Eyeliner. Brown. Only on the lashline, and only on the outer half. This creates the big doe eyed Disney princess look.
  5. Cheekbones. Cheekbones. Cheekbones. (Who needs to sing well when you’ve got godly bone structure?)
  6. But not overly contoured or highlighted.
  7. A lip color so innocent that says “Please forget that I ever did Bling Ring”

Looking back, it’s a lot to do for something that’s supposed to look natural. But when you’re a brown Asian girl that wasn’t born with Emma Watson’s face, you do what you have to.

I actually debated with myself a bit about this. I thought I would never feature any princess makeup looks because what would be the point? I’d never look like a Disney princess. Most of the princess lineup stars white skin, delicate features, blue or green eyes, and light hair; things I do not have. In fact, I’ve only had the guts to do a Moana look because I thought, finally a princess look I can do and actually resemble. 

As with everything, there is a lesson to be learned here. It’s important to never put yourself in a box.When the world is telling you that you can never be something, it’s hard not to listen. When I’d think of characters to recreate, I would only go for the ones that “matched” me. You know the ones. The Moanas, the Esmeraldas , the Pocahontas’, maybe if I’m lucky a few Jasmines. As beautiful as these fictional women are, I realized I shouldn’t have to limit myself to that. I refuse to limit myself. Period.

Now, I know it’s just make up and I shouldn’t be digging to deep into it, but that’s also kind of my point: it’s just makeup and you should be able to have fun with it and do any type of look you want. If I want to turn myself into Belle, then I’m going to turn into Belle.

So I did.

Here’s what happened:

MAC Harmony blush is my all time favorite for barely there color.
I used a cool brown eyeshadow on the outer corners to define the shape and make them bigger.
belle 3logo
Last step: Throw on a yellow shirt.
Everything I used.

Base- MAC Strobe Cream

Foundation- Bourjois Healthy Mix

Concealer- LA girl pro conceal (to shape brows), Stila Aqua Glow (base highlight)

Contour- Maybelline Fit Me concealer (darkest shade)

Setting Powder and Contour- Lorac Pro Contour Palette

Highlighter- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Blush- MAC Harmony

Eyes- Lorac Pro Palette

Lashes- Some cheap ones I found at a bazaar honestly.

Lips- Happy Skin Rapunzel

So to all of you out there wanting to experiment or play around with makeup, or recreate your favorite character: just go for it. Go for it unapologetically and with reckless abandon. Unbox yourself.

I did and I’m never looking back or thinking twice about it.



Have an idea of who/what I can recreate next? Sky’s the limit so tell me in the comments!

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