Makeup Mood Board

I’ve been playing around with makeup for quite a while. Over the last few months, I’ve built up this sort of an online portfolio of the looks that I’ve done.

A Makeup Mood Board of sorts.

I get a lot of my inspiration from characters, other makeup artists, editorial photos, nature, or mythical creatures. Sometimes I’ll sit down with nothing in mind, look at the makeup that I have and do just that– make up something on the spot.

I started this because it was a way to use up some of the crazier colors and pigments in my collection, or the products I wasn’t using on an everyday basis. It soon turned into yet another creative outlet for me. Sometimes I’ll spend hours on a single look, making sure every detail is fine tuned and perfected. Other times, I’ll slap a 15 minute galaxy over my eyes and call it a night.

I see a lot of videos or posts about the “Dos and Don’ts of Makeup” or some other iteration of that, but I don’t see why makeup has to have rules at all. There’s an artistry to makeup that can as wild and crazy as you can imagine it to, or as stay calm and natural as you want. That’s exactly what my Makeup Mood Board is about, no rules makeup. Like, yes by all means go put on some glitter freckles! Go paint the universe on your face! Just go for it.

I’m taking my own advice.

I’ve always been hesitant to share my page with the general public, opting only to share a few looks on Twitter. Now, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and let it all hang out. The page is a collection of looks that I’ve done over the past months, and they’re looks that I’m really proud of. 

So please enjoy some of my favorite looks that I’ve done below!

 The link to my Makeup Mood Board will be at the bottom of this page

My all time fave: Moana
Soft Gradient on Ariel
Glitter Editorial on Marti
Morphe 35O.
15 minute galaxy
Basic smoky eye on Ines
Harley Quinn


Check out the rest of my Makeup Mood Board and I always appreciate a double tap or follow!



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