February (Makeup) Favorites

Introducing a new segment on The Selfie Taker; My Monthly Favorites!

I absolutely LOVE watching Favorites videos on Youtube. It gives me ideas on what products to try out, or different perspectives on products that I already have. What’s also great is that there are so many things you can feature, from makeup to books to songs to clothing pieces and to whatever else you want to share.

But as they say, you have to walk before you can run. As such, I’m starting this series small and focusing on one aspect at a time. I’ve decided to start with makeup because … obviously. In this post, I’ll be showing you the products I love as well as some before and after photos.

Trust me though, more wide range Favorites posts are in the certain future!

But for now, let’s get into the makeup I couldn’t live without this February.

It comes as NO SURPRISE to literally anybody that the first on this list is glossier’s boy brow (ahem i am open to sponsorships).  I got this about two months ago, and have used it almost everyday. It’s a special skill trying to balance your love for a product with the paranoia that you’re going to use it all up. Luckily, I’ve already ordered a back up.

You can get your own boy brow here!


Scroll over the before and after photos for details!


Another thing I’ve been loving is the Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator (100 bare light). I’ve been into liquid illuminators because they look so much more natural and seamless. You can apply it as a light sheen or build it up to blind others with dat glo. 

I put this on after concealer and blend it out with my fingers or my trusty beauty blender . I usually don’t set it with anything, to perfect that glowy, natural look.

This one is P599 at any drugstore and it comes with so much product.




Wearing Revlon Skinlights on the tops of my cheekbones and brow bone.


When you pop the top on Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, you are instantly hit with the best fragrance you’ve ever smelled. The product is design to look like waves and it smells like a tropical breeze with a hint of coconut. This bronzer is honestly one of the best I’ve ever tried. I decided to pick it up at the drugstore in California a while back and have been loving it this whole month. I’ve really been into the whole “bronzed beach babe au natural” look, so I’ve been loving makeup that is quite subtle.

As the name suggests, the formula is extremely smooth and blends seamlessly onto your skin. The color is the perfect neutral brown. I use this for really light contouring or as just an all over bronze to give my face some dimension. It’s the perfect bronzer for looking sunkissed and glowy but never muddy.




My next favorite comes in a dynamic duo that I’ve recently discovered. As I mentioned, I’m a sucker for that bronzed glow. I really like my makeup looking subtle and natural. Two things that really give me what I want are the Clinique Chubby Contour Stick applied with a Duo Fiber Stippling Brush.

I ever so lightly swirl the brush in the product and blend it into my cheekbones, temples, and jawline. It instantly gives your face so much dimension, tan, and glow. This is a great way to use cream contour sticks or kits, without having to go all out Kim K.

My brush came as part of a set that I bought online, but you can find really great duo fiber brushes at ELF (and affordable too!)







My next favorite is my trusty Beauty Blender in Nude. I know what you’re thinking, “okay Jamie this is just a sponge, there are so many cheaper versions that are just as good”.

Well. No.

I used to think that too. No way was I going to spend $20/P1,000 on… a sponge. I tried everything from unbranded copycat sponges to the Real Techniques orange one. I thought all was well in my life and then I tried the real deal Beauty Blender. Immediately, I just thought of how much time I was wasting on these non-Beauty Blender sponges!

The Beauty Blender was so much softer yet firm enough to press in product. It made an honest to goodness difference in the way my makeup applied and the way it looked.

I have one in pink and in nude, and I featured the nude one because it stays looking cleaner!

You tell yourself what you want to believe, but trust me when I say that there is life before the Beauty Blender and life after.




My go-to mascara has been Roller Lash by Benefit. Everyone talks about the They’re Real Mascara, and yes that’s good too, but Roller Lash is where it’s at. I don’t like curling my eyelashes because I feel like it puts extra strain and adds damage to them, and with this mascara I don’t have to curl my lashes! A few strokes of this and not only are your lashes super black, but it also gives them that dramatic curl.


This photo is a testament to how much I love and trust this mascara. My current tube, back up tube, and travel tube.


Roller Lash Mascara (see what I mean about that curl?!)


My last makeup favorite for February is the Chateau Labiottte Wine Lip Tint. This has been featured on so many beauty sites, and even starred in its own Buzzfeed Video!

I found this in Sasa, my go-to makeup store in Hong Kong. This is one of the darker shades, and it perfectly stains your lips a really deep plum color. It feels like nothing on, and it fades really nicely throughout the day.

This is perfect for those who like color on their lips but don’t like the heavy feeling of lip products like tube lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses.

You can get your very own Wine Lip Tint here!




Finished Face with all the mentioned products! I’m loving the freshness that the products give me.


Those are the products I have been obsessing over for this month. I love trying out new products and rediscovering old gems, so I’ll definitely have more “favorites” posts in the future!

What makeup products have YOU been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!



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