battle of the beauty gurus

       I’m  sure many of you are already enrolled in the Youtube School of Beauty, I know I sure am. When I first got into makeup, Youtube tutorials were the place to go to learn the basics, any new beauty trends (strobing, anyone?), or even just to get some inspiration for your next makeup look.

       I remember the first time I ever looked up a makeup tutorial on Youtube, right after I got my first eyeshadow palette; the Naked 1. I typed in “naked palette makeup tutorial” and was immediately overwhelmed with how many came up. That was back in 2012. Five years later, Youtube remains to be one of my most visited sites and I can confidently say I know my way around the bevy of beauty gurus.  Let’s face it, there are so many Youtubers out there (myself included), and it’s hard to figure out which video to watch and who’s the real deal. If you’re looking for new (and good quality) content to subscribe to on Youtube, I got you covered.

Check out some of my favorite beauty Youtubers below.

1. Adelaine Morin


       Okay, i’ll be the first to admit that she won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. She’s young, energetic, loud, and extra. But damnit is she entertaining. Adelaine Morin is half Filipino so it’s really easy to get inspiration for makeup looks and adapt the products she uses since we share the same skin tone and similar features.

       What I love most about Adelaine though, is her “makeup transformation” looks. This girl is one talented makeup artist (she even won the Nyx face awards!). She’s done celebrities so spot on like Kylie Jenner and Halsey, but my favourites are when she does costume or fantasy looks like her Suicide Squad makeup looks. This is really helpful to me because I do a lot of costume looks as well (here), so I pick up some technical tips when dealing with more intense makeup from her tutorials.


Check out her channel!

2. Claudia Sulewski


       Although she’s more of a lifestyle vlogger than a beauty guru, I still can’t let a Claudia Sulewski video go unwatched! I watch Claudia’s videos for more everyday inspiration because I love her aesthetic and style, not to mention how gorgeous she is. She’s really chill and laid back and I never get annoyed when I watch her (which honestly is pretty important with such an oversaturated environment like Youtube).

       Her channel is mostly comprised of typical Youtuber content; hauls, favorites, and morning/evening routines. I love watching her “Get Ready With Me” videos for daily makeup inspiration and style tips.


Check her out here. Also her instagram is “on point” as the fellow kids say.

3. Jaclyn Hill


       The first time I watched a Jaclyn Hill video was the first time I laughed out loud watching a beauty guru. Jaclyn is one of the most popular and successful beauty gurus out there, and for good reason. She’s a skilled makeup artist with an explosive personality which makes her videos hilarious yet informative. Jaclyn also has a line collaboration with Becca including the cult favorite highlighter “Champagne Pop” as well as other crazy popular products. She keeps viewers entertained by the millions with her makeup tutorials, hauls, and reviews.

       I like how she keeps her channel almost exclusive to anything and everything makeup. God knows how many beauty gurus end up just posting morning routines and vlogs about going to Target. Thankfully, Jaclyn Hill is an OG beauty guru.


Find her here!

4. Melissa Alatorre


       Melissa Alatorre might be the most beautiful Youtuber I’ve ever watched, hands down. She’s not very popular yet, and I like to think of her as an undiscovered gem but I’m here now saying that YOU SHOULD CHECK HER OUT. She has so many pretty makeup tutorials and skincare videos. Try not to get jealous of her perfect skin and cat like eyes, it won’t happen.


5. Pixiwoo


       This channel is shared by sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, founders of Real Techniques. So yeah, they know their shit. Pixiwoo is probably the most diverse in terms of the types of makeup looks that they post. Videos can range from high school makeup looks to makeup for grandmas (or something). Sam and Nic are true professionals in the makeup world so you can pick up a lot of techniques and products from their channel. They do a lot of dynamic looks but that are still wearable for everyday, as well as celebrity inspired makeup. Also, I love hearing their British accents!


Isn’t pixiwoo such a cute name?!

       Those were my top 5 beauty gurus on Youtube. Keep in mind that I’m not saying their the end all and be all of makeup, I just really enjoy watching them and they do makeup looks that I like to wear best. If you’re looking to learn a few makeup tips and tricks, application techniques, or the hottest makeup products; definitely subscribe to the channels up top.

Comment down below who YOU think I should subscribe to!

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