is the glossier hype for real?

I’ve already forgotten how I came across Glossier, but i know it’s definitely been a while.

As a makeup fan and huge stickler for aesthetic it was only natural that I be completely drawn in by Glossier’s whole vibe.The first thing you’ll notice about Glossier is how simple it is. From their packaging, products, advertising, website interface; it’s clean and straight to the point. I mean come on, who wouldn’t die over that minimalist look  and the perfect pink (I’m seriously obsessed with this shade of pink, it’s unreal). I also love their sister site Into the Gloss, for daily consumption. Such interesting articles!

Glossier is a female driven start-up, founded and run by branding whiz and all around girl boss, Emily Weiss. You may remember Emily from her short stint on The Hills, where her title card whenever she appeared on screen was “super intern”. Well, they were right. In 2011, Emily founded Into The Gloss in order to connect with real women in the beauty world, hear their stories, and build on their experiences. Glossier followed soon after in 2014. She grew the brand from the ground up into what it is today, constantly staying true to their philosophy of skincare first, makeup second. This is a philosophy I fully believe and genuinely try to live by. Whatever Emily is doing seems to be working because now Glossier is one of the hottest beauty tickets for anyone who’s anyone in the beauty world.

Fun fact: At one point, Glossier had a 10,000 person waiting list for their Boy Brow and Generation G lipstick.

Back to me.

In November of 2016 as I lay in bed making a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more makeup until the new year, I get an email from Glossier saying that their ENTIRE SITE was 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING. I jumped out of bed and got on my laptop.

Unfortunately, Glossier does not ship internationally (yet) so if you live outside the US, you’ll have to go through very pricey resellers or have someone bring them home for you (which is what i did).

I had been constantly perusing their site for weeks prior, so I knew all the products I wanted and which shades to get. I really believe in their philosophy of “skincare first, makeup second”. Contrary to my extra af personality, I like my makeup simple and effortless.

Plus I really like that saturn loading screen.

I ordered:

1 balm dot com (cherry)

1 boy brow (black)

1 stretch concealer (medium)

1 generation g lipstick (leo)

They came in the cult pink ziploc bubble wrap bag with a poster and a sheet of stickers.

I love the bag, love the stickers, don’t know what to do with the poster.

Here’s a short rundown of the products.

Balm Dot Com (cherry) – $12/P600


If we’re being completely honest, this is glorified vaseline but it’s cute and useful and smells like a DREAM.

I use it for my lips and cheeks, it leaves a really nice red tint. It looks great on my lips and in my makeup bag so thats a plus.

I honestly would not repurchase this one, cause there are so many cheaper and more accessible alternatives.

Boy Brow (black) – $16/P800


I’ve been blessed with good eyebrows so I don’t bother with whole “routines” to fill them out. I was looking for a quick “one and done” product to just step up my game.

boy brow is it.

The hype is real you guys, I love this product so much it’s insane. It tames them and fills them in at the same time so naturally.

For those of you with sparse or zero eyebrows, looking for that really defined shape, this product is probably not for you. But I love it and I use it everyday, I’m ordering back ups.

It’s $18 or P900 for a tiny ass tube, but I’ve been using it everyday for a month and haven’t run out yet so…

Stretch Concealer (medium)- $18/P900


I don’t remember why I bought this but I did. I like it. It’s not full coverage but it does the job well and makes me look like I got a lot more sleep.

It sits really nicely under my eyes and I use this on days when I want that chill no makeup look. I don’t have to set this with powder cause that defeats the whole look I go for, and it doesn’t crease on me. It’s called “stretch” cause it stretches with your skin.

The medium is perfect on me, it still a little highlighting so I don’t use it on blemishes or spots.  If I wanted something to totally blend in with my skin, I should have gone with Dark.

Generation G (leo)- $18/P900


This is a cult favorite so I had to get it. I got the shade Leo, which is a rustic brown nude.

You guys this is the real deal. Once again, the hype is real.

Generation G is a sheer buildable lipstick, matte but moisturizing. Kind of like a balm but not. It’s the in between of all the perfect elements of a lip product.

After a while it feels like the way your lips feel after eating something incredible salty, not that it’s a bad thing. Just thought I should mention that.

I want one in all colors.

From their aesthetic to the quality of the products to their packaging and brand identity, they’ve pretty much nailed it.

All in all, Glossier knows what’s up.

(Editor’s note: Since this post was first published, I’ve already made two more orders from the Glossier site. I’m in love and wholeheartedly believe in this brand. Will have another post featuring my new products soon!)



!! photos are from the glossier site !!

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